Lever Harp Practice Room Rental


Lever Harp Practice Room Rental

Harp: Lever Harp (27/34/40 strings)

Duration: 30 mins

Practice Rules:

1. Each practice includes one harp for one harp player. Please use the harp we assigned to you. If there is any damages on the harps or anything in the practice room, we will reserve the right to claim you for the damage(s).

2. Please book in advance for renting practice room. Room is by first come first served.

3. If you need to cancel your practice time, please contact us at least 3 hours before the time you have booked. Otherwise, we will still count you for that practice time you have reserved.

4. Parent and maid are welcome to sit in during practice, but not more 2 people in a room each practice time.

5. No food and drinks in the practice room.

6. Please wash your hands before playing the harp.

7. Please inform our staffs if you would like to take any photos or videos in our studio.